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Winter/Spring 2022

New Internships!

New Classes!

New Research!

Check our catalog for newly listed programs!

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  • Computer Science

  • Coding

  • Minecraft Modding

  • Robotics & Automation

  • Game Design

  • 3D Design

  • Biology

  • Graphics Design

  • Science Fair Projects

  • Video & Audio Production

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Stem University
DNA Barcoding
AP Computer Science
Advanced Robotics
Minecraft Modding
Game Design
3D Printing
Video Production
Audio Production

We have workshops too!

See our course catalog for current offerings

Coming In Spring 2022!

  • 3D Printing Workshops

  • Robotics classes

  • Indoor Farming Workshops

  • Audio and Video Recording & Production

  • Science & Engineering Fair Internship

  • Minecraft Modding classes

  • Java AP-A Level classes

  • Media Arts classes

  • Research Projects

  • DNA & Barcode class

What do our Summer Programs look like?

  • STEM University Summer Program

  • Internships

  • Research Opportunities

  • Science Classes

  • Art Classes

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