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research projects

PVNet periodically offers research projects programs for high school and college students.  With the help of our sponsors, we provide the opportunity to work with cutting-edge technologies, tools, and concepts to learn and discover.

Science Fair

Home Schooled students can compete in local science fairs through PVNet!
Students from schools that do not participate in the local science fair can also compete through PVNet!
For Example: San Pedro HS students can compete through PVNet.

Indoor Vertical Farming Research

High School Students will work together to design, build and maintain an indoor vertical hydroponic CEA based farm. Based on their interests, students will choose their roles and responsibilities & form research teams.

DNA Sequencing Research

This exciting summer class will utilize PVNet's new DNA sequencer. 
This is an opportunity to search for unknown lifeforms on the peninsula!
Also, potentially sequence a previously un-sequenced organism!

In process


Biometric Identification - Fingerprinting the Brain

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