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PVNet is an award-winning 501c3 nonprofit technology education center,

fully accredited by WASC, serving the South Bay for over 25 years.

PVNet Technology Education Center, a non-profit community technology organization, provides South Bay residents with quality technology education opportunities ranging from basic computer skills to visual arts classes for all ages from 10 to 104 and for all ability levels from novice to professional. We are constantly adding more STEM classes that are commonly requested or needed in the community. Some of the subjects we cover are 3D printing, 3D design, robotics, electronics, virtual reality, laser cutting, aeronautics, game design, video production and more.



PVNet is an award-winning 501c3 nonprofit technology education center. It was originally founded in 1993 and was located by Palos Verdes City Hall. At its inception, PVNet was created to teach senior citizens how to use computers, and to help local cities establish an internet presence, creating a community-wide digital foundation. In more recent years, PVNet has moved to its new location at the Promenade on the Peninsula Mall and has focused on educating newer generations of children, teens, and adults to ultramodern technology. Our facility is 3000 Sq. Feet and equipped with over 40 Computers and offers new technology such as Virtual Reality, 3D printing (over 15 Printers), Laser Cutting, and Emotiv Brain Mapping Technology.

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PVNet’s objective is to bring the latest technology and technological trends to one place, allowing students to take classes and obtain future-oriented skills that will help culminate the student’s success. PVNet’s instructors are well educated in their fields and offer a one-of-a-kind hands-on experience to each and every student that walks in through the door. We believe in encouraging creativity and allowing opportunities for students to work on their own projects as well as those in the classroom.

With programs like our acclaimed STEM University to our unique internship program, our top priority is allowing our students the opportunity to grow. Our programs range from ages 7-College. Current programs include: STEM University, BattleBots Club, Intro to Aeronautical Engineering, Game Design, Video Production, 3D Modeling, Computer Science, Private Tutoring, Build your Own Computer, Intro to Web Design, AP Computer Science, and Brain Mapping.

As the world evolves so does PVNet’s curriculum. We keep our software up-to-date and maintain and upgrade our hardware on a regular basis to ensure our students have the best resources to learn and grow. Recently, some of our programs such as Intro to Aeronautical Engineering, Build your own Computer, and our BattleBot Club have gained accreditation due to our partnership with the local private school Rolling Hills Prep.

“PVNet’s pupils come and work on our research for the Mars mission here at NASA Armstrong. PVNet’s students are amongst the brightest that we have every year. PVNet gets my highest recommendation for their students”

Albion Bowers, NASA Chief Scientist
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