Overview of Our Courses

PVNet courses are designed to ignite and nurture students' interest in science, technology, arts, engineering, and mathematics.  The result is a genuine curiosity and motivation for discovery that will help them in their academics and future careers.

This page gives a general overview of the different subjects our courses may touch upon.  To view an up-to-date list of our current course offerings, please visit our catalog.


From Arduino to VexIQ to RoverX, PVNet offers kids the chance to work with technology they can't access anywhere else.

Visit our dedicated Robotics page to learn more about different course offerings.

Life sciences

If your child is interested in the intersection of life science and technology, such as biotechnology and neurotechnology, PVNet is the place to be!

Visit our dedicated Life Sciences page to learn more about different course offerings.

Computer Science

Cyber Security

The evolution of computers and the internet has brought along new concepts such as hacking, encryption, and data protection.  Cyber Security is routinely offered for PVNet students to learn the fundamentals of digital protection and safety. 



Many different languages exist for the programming of computer processes and functions.  PVNet teaches a wide variety of these languages including those most in-demand by today's top technology companies.

Media Arts

Video/Audio Production


Game Development

An exciting field for those already interested in video games, game development is another subject PVNet routinely teaches.  We use games students are already familiar with, like Minecraft, and also introduce them to new software like Unity 3D and Blender.

Our facility is home to many different industry-standard technologies for video and audio production, including those used for film and music.  Students have a great opportunity to flex their creativity while also learning important technical skills.


3D Printing

PVNet is one of the only places in the South Bay with public access to state-of-the art 3D printers.  Students here can design and model their own unique designs with software like TinkerCAD.  They then see their creations come to life as they are 3D printed with special filaments.


PVNet's STEM University is one of our most popular courses, offered periodically over the year. 


Learn more about the program here.