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Audio & Video Production

Recent Updates

In this program, students produce exemplary video documentaries which are featured on our YouTube channel. Students have been learning video production and editing at PVNet since 1995 and have gone on to work in the industry including WETA, Sony, Avid, and others. To see recent work check out our YouTube channel.  

This summer students will be producing a historic documentary about the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium. This will likely be viewed by the local communities and enjoyed by everyone who loves the aquarium. For this particular production, students must already have video editing skills using Adobe Premiere Pro.


Students who don't have video editing skills can get them quickly in time for summer by taking the Introduction to Video Editing and Production course starting in January 2023. 

Program Overview

PVNet is excited to offer a year-long program for video production, editing, directing, cinematography & special effects.

Students enrolled in the program have access to state-of-the-art video recording equipment, editing software, and special effects computer programs throughout the year. Students can work on individual projects, collaborate with other students on new projects, complete school assignments or college application reels. 

Equipment & Software:

  • Adobe Premiere Video Editing Software

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe After Effects

  • Lighting Equipment

  • Chromakey (green screen)

  • Digital Video Cameras

  • Virtual Set Lab (more info below!)

The year-long program will prepare you to be a:

  • Video Editor

  • Cinematographer

  • Film producer

  • Director

  • VFX Artist

  • Lighting Engineer

  • News Reporter & other on-air talent

For information on PVNet's Video Production program please email

Subject: Year-round Video Production


Other Video Production Courses & Projects

PVNet offers a wide variety of media arts courses for those interested in video production including: editing, directing, cinematography, and Special Effects. 

Virtual Set Lab is a powerful tool that is provided to PVNet to support STEM education. The use of digital backgrounds is an extremely important skill taught in PVNet video editing and production courses. Their web site is


Take a look at our course catalog to see current offerings.

You can also join our email list to stay up-to-date on creative courses!


Below, please take a look at some of the projects our students, interns and alumni have created!

Check our our Youtube channel for more great content

Dreamworks & PVNet Interns

Dreamworks meeting with PVNet Interns inspires an entire group to achievement and success.


What an incredible opportunity. These students are exhilarated and energized having just presented their story board for a production idea titled, "Kitchen Katastrophe," and received high praise and suggestions for the story line.

Along with an intensely detailed tour of the production process and sneak peaks at coming attractions, these interns will never forget sitting in the official corporate meeting room where story ideas are presented, considered, and sometimes approved and completed for major movie releases.

Almost all of these interns achieved their dreams and work in that industry or closely related technologies. Here are a couple of examples:

Derrick Auyoung

Andrew Thomas Huang

David Wadsworth

David J. Ross

Greg Flett

Carlos Arriega

Past & Current Video Projects

Tech Talks

Get a firsthand look at the innovative and state-of-the-art technology that our students and interns work with. 

All Tech Talk videos are produced by PVNet interns and students.

DSC00737 (mp cropped).jpg

3D Sculpting

Game Design

Oculus Rift Development Kit


Short Films & Collaborations

Green Screen Music Project

Fun and creativity meet technology: combining live music with green screen tech!

Derrick Auyoung is currently the Head of Motion R&D at Weta Digital.

Andrew Huang is an award-winning filmmaker and artist.

See more of Andrew's work here.

Kitchen Katastrophe (1999)

By Derrick Auyoung & Andrew Huang

Just in Time (1999)

By Derrick Auyoung

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