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Game Design

Learn C# Code & Graphics Design

Design Games In Unity!

Learn While Designing

Unity 3D is a leading game design and coding system used worldwide for many of the most successful game titles, architecture, VR, engineering simulations, and more. In addition, this is a popular pathway to C# coding and Computer Science. Students will find it easier to learn other computer programming languages after taking this class.

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Get Artistic
In Blender!

Express Yourself

Blender is an excellent medium for expressing artistic flare! Not only is it used worldwide by professionals, it also helps students become motivated to learn graphic arts and 3D design. Students will learn to use this animation software to create their own characters complete with rigging and animation!

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Learn C# 

Learn essential programming concepts including data types, variables, classes and objects, arithmetic operators, I/O, if-else statements, loops and more

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Get On The Market

Once your game is perfect, its time to decide what marketplace you want your game on. Android? Apple? Amazon? Its up to you! 

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