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Science Courses

High School Student

Do something extraordinary!

Augmented Reality

Bridge the gap between digital and reality! Students work as a team to build a virtual reality interface and other fun projects! Students will learn coding, AR techniques, and the architecture for the current AR headset.

Brain Entrainment

Training the brain with computers? Our student research shows its possible. Learn about brain stimuli and how to manipulate it with probes and a computer! Collect brain data and make connections!

Brain Anxiety

What causes anxiety and how can we reduce it? This program has students track the formation of synapses in regards to environmental stimuli. Learn about the brain and what makes it tick!

Brown Eye Closeup

Biometric Identification

Which biometric identification is most effective? How can we effectively detect these features? This program gives students the tools and opportunity to explore the many facets of biometric identification.

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