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Sustainable Energy

Climate Sustainability Advisory (CSA)


Hosted, sponsored, and mentored by PVNet - this program is open to all high school students!
CSA students research the sustainability policies and plans of the 4 cities on the hill  (Palos Verdes Estates, Rancho Palos Verdes, Rolling Hills, Rolling Hills Estates). They work to encourage environmental sustainability by developing plans and presenting them to local city councils. Their research and proposals have been presented to the RPV, PVE, and RHE City Councils and have all been very well received. Previous t
opics included native plants, water conservation, electricity conservation, and road maintenance.

Here's a short video about the CSA made by PVNet's Video Production class.

sophie presentation to rpv.png


Check out this link for a 3 minute clip of CSA member presenting to RPV City Council.


Applications for the next cycle of CSA will open on June 30th. 

Students interested in this program experience should keep their eyes open for registration to begin. The process to apply is explained in our course catalog. Please send any additional questions to and we'll be happy to explain and, if you wish, meet to discuss the program.

examples of Past Research Topics

The Climate Sustainability Advisory is working on finding background information for research projects and meeting with professionals to gain an understanding of environmental issues on the hill. Past research projects include:

Portuguese Bend

Per and polyfluoroalkyl substances (chemicals) in school water

3D printed housing

Pesticides and Rat Poison

Fast Fashion

Food Waste

Chemical Dumping

Students are welcome to re-research and present their own recommendations and conclusions to the City Councils regardless whether other students have made recommendations regarding those subjects in the past.


Jim Knight, Mentor and Former Mayor of RPV

CSA has set up a wonderful resource for the local youth to have a chance of hands on experience in many creative STEM programs. CSA helps students launch their enthusiasm into the real world & the future.


It was wonderful to see the passion of these intelligent young people wanting to get involved in making the world a better place to live and I was delighted to share what I have learned over the years on Council to help them direct their efforts.

David L Bradley, Mayor of RPV

It’s very impressive that our students are coming forward with environmentally sustainable ideas and really leaning forward to speak before the council. 

Requirements To Participate

  • Must currently be in High School.

  • Interested students may register through our course catalog here and fill out the Google Form below.

  • Please also fill out the Parent Permission form below and email it to

  • Instagram


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