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Which internship is right for you?
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Use our resources 

Need a lab for your science fair project? Perhaps a few 3D printed parts for your engineering fair project? Don't buy any expensive equipment! Our project interns get full access to our on-site lab equipment (DNA, PCR, EEG, etc), robotics & electronics lab, 3D printers, design software (CAD, graphics, video, etc), and video production studio.
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Workshops, Custom Projects, Field Trips

Our college interns are autonomous, with more freedom than our HS interns. Access our technology for your custom project, join one of our existing projects, go on a NASA field trip, or attend a specialized workshop. This internship exists for your benefit and to help prepare you for employment!
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Why PVNet

High School Internship

This is a fantastic exploratory internship

to help interns discover and grow! 

PVNet provides a diverse range of internship opportunities for individuals to explore. Our internship programs can be broadly categorized into two main types:



These internships are designed to complement a specific course, allowing interns to focus on a particular subject area. By selecting a course, interns can delve deeper into their chosen field and gain valuable hands-on experience.



These internships come with pre-assigned goals and focused areas of interest. Examples of such projects include designing a dog wheelchair, developing brain-computer interface technologies, investigating the impact of microplastics on the brain, 3D printing and designing houses for future architecture, and exploring indoor farming techniques and the future of agriculture on Earth, in space and on other planets.


Let's explore some of the specific Innovation and Design Internships available at PVNet:


Research & Innovation - Brain Computer Interface (BCI):

  • Develop and design a control mechanism linking to and controlling an electronic or robotic device.

  • Gain an incredibly exciting understanding of how a Brain Computer Interface (BCI) device works and how to adapt it for communication with computer and even another device such as a robotic hand or robotic vehicle.  

  • Engage in diverse learning experiences in engineering, healthcare, CAD design, 3D printing, neurotechnology, computer science, and more.

  • Work independently or collaborate with others to create a tangible project that enhances your college applications and resumes.

  • Unleash the power of the human mind in communication and control.


Research & Innovation - Microplastics and our Brains internship:

  • Explore the devastating implications of microplastics in drinking water through student-driven research.

  • Focus on engineering, healthcare, CAD design, 3D printing, biology, and workshop fabrication.

  • Research and test known procedures and work to create a solution that you could enter into science competitions & possibly even patent. The world needs a solution.


Research & Innovation - Architecture 101 - 3D Printing Houses:

  • The architectural world is being turning upside down by 3d printing technology.

  • Learn to use 3D Design software to create your model that will be 3D printed and presented professionally.  

  • Students will be guided by architects & 3D designers and have the opportunity to speak with a USC professor who teaches space architecture and design for 3D homes or living quarters.

  • Students will take home their 3D printed house designs and presentation posters which can be included in their portfolio.


Research & Innovation - The Future of Growing Food - On Earth - in Space - on Other Planets:

  • Collaborate to research, design, build, and initiate an indoor farming system.

  • Explore NASA's ongoing research on growing food in various environments. NASA invented aeroponics specifically for use on the space station.

  • Interns will choose their roles based on their interests, such as farming, biology, electronics, mechanical engineering, robotics, and computer science.


Research & Innovation - Design a Dog Wheelchair Class:

  • Design and refine your own dog wheelchair prototype.

  • Choose your areas of focus, such as engineering, art, veterinary medicine, and 3D printing.

  • Contribute to improving the lives of paralyzed dogs and gain real-world experience.

  • Finalizing the design of a prototype veterinary device which analyzes potential causes of limping in dogs.


These internships offer invaluable opportunities for personal growth, skill development, and real-world project experience. Choose the internship that resonates with your interests and aspirations and make your mark in the world of innovation and design. Register for a PVNet internship today and take a significant step towards shaping your future.


Interns also help run PVNet Academy for STEM.

What better way to start learning about how top be a professional than in the safe haven of PVNet? The time you spend and experience you have here will contribute to a successful career. Interns accrue hours towards the following: - Presidental Award - Volunteering - Community Service



The ideal start for interns is to identify subjects that are most interesting and take the classes, learn the basics, apply your skills, and if it's not your thing you can try another one. If you find yourself intrigued and enjoy it, start researching, planning, and creating. Go in depth and complete a project. Work by yourself or with fellow explorers. With access to the largest collection of technology in the South Bay, there is much to choose from!

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High School Internsip
Project Internships

Why PVNet? We're Dedicated To Your Success!


PVNet internships are entirely customizable

and centered around YOU.  


Our goal is to prepare students for future careers that will exist in the next 5-15 years. This program encourages innovation and invention. Our track record of partnerships proves it!


Interested in coding? Computer games? Graphic design? Robotics? Video editing and production? We've got it all! Take a class, learn the basics, and if you don't like it, move on to the next. If you find yourself intrigued, start researching, planning, and creating. Go in depth and complete a project by yourself or with fellow explorers. With access to the largest collection of technology in the South Bay, there is so much to choose from!


Interns have the freedom to explore and find something that genuinely interests them. Our program offers a multitude of specialized workshops, field trips, and discussions that are available for interns only. PVNet interns also receive a discount on many of our classes and workshops! Several of our accredited courses are also available to our interns at no charge. We boast a variety of classes, the majority of which - yep, you guesses it - revolve around STEM.  From STEM University, to introductory Computer Science, to unique Music and Video Editing, PVNet is the perfect place to explore all the possibilities!


- Free workshops

- Discounted courses

- Priority registration for classes

- Access to PVNet's facilities (Biology lab, Robotics lab, Computer lab, 3D printing lab, Fabrication lab)

- Special field trips, events, and research projects

- Advice for college applications and/or resumes

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Check Out Barkha's Story!


Her PVNet internship gave her the experience she needed

to land a spot at NASA's internship program!

"PVNet gave me the opportunity to work with the technology that I couldn’t have worked with elsewhere!"

- Barkha Sherp

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