Internship Programs

PVNet internships are offered at the following levels:

High School

Ages 14 - 18

Prepare for college and supplement your current courses.

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Ages 18+

Gain professional development at no charge!

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Science Fair Prep

Ages 14-18 ​

Prepare for your school's science or engineering fair.​

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Why PVNet?

PVNet internships are entirely customizable and centered around YOU.  

Interns have the freedom to explore and find something that genuinely interests them.  Our program offers a multitude of specialized workshops, field trips, and discussions that are available for interns only.

Interested in coding?  Computer games?  Graphic design?  Robotics?  Video editing and production?  We've got it all.  Take a class, learn the basics, and if you don't like it, move on to the next.  If you find yourself intrigued, start researching, planning, and creating.  Go in depth and complete a project by yourself or with fellow explorers.  With access to the largest collection of technology in the South Bay, there is so much to choose from!

Our goal:  To prepare interns for future careers that will exist in the next 5-15 years.  This program encourages innovation and invention.  Our track record of partnerships proves it!


PVNet has enjoyed the distinguished honor of recommending interns to the NASA Edwards Air Force Base summer research project. PVNet recommends 1st-year college interns based on their performance in our Internship program.

The Intern Advantage

The biggest benefit for interns is that they are able to participate in many of the classes and workshops we offer here at PVNet - at discounted prices!  Several of our accredited courses are also available to interns at no charge.

PVNet boasts a variety of clasees, the majority of which - yep, you guesses it - revolve around STEM.  From STEM University, to introductory Computer Science, to unique Music and Video Editing, PVNet is the perfect place to explore any and all tech possibilities.

To see our current course offerings, check out our course catalog.


PVNet's internship programs come with many benefits, including:

  • Free and discounted courses

  • Priority registration for classes that fill up quickly

  • Private workshops

  • Access to research and design projects

  • Inclusion in special events, field trips, professional development, and experiences that are invaluable at strengthening college applications and/or resumes

Discounts Available

Certain groups may qualify for discounts:  active military, disabled, financial hardship, firefighters, police, public service, sibling participation, single parents, teachers, and more.  Discounts will be applied upon verification of status.

NO CHARGE for college interns!

Check out Barkha's story

Her PVNet internship gave her the experience she needed to land a spot at NASA's internship program!

 "PVNet gave me the opportunity to work with the technology that I couldn’t have worked with elsewhere."

- Barkha Sherp


High school


Opportunities are limitless!

PVNet Interns registered in our Technology Immersion Program may work on their capstone project & utilize a vast array of resources & technologies to develop their capstone project. Two birds, one stone: complete your capstone with flying colors AND mark this advanced tech internship on your resume.

Interns may petition to join on-going research projects & incorporate their work into their capstone.

Working on your capstone is treading new waters, we know. It's new to us too! Give us a visit before the end of AP Seminar and we can figure it out together. Make the most of the spring semester so you can lessen your workload (& stress) when graduation approaches.

Work on your capstone!

High School Interns may utilize their time & resources here at PVNet to work on their own capstone project in conjunction with your school's AP Capstone Program.

Students will have access to expert advisers & technologies found only at universities and used by undergrad and masters students, which opens the door to a masterful & unique capstone!

Click here to apply for the High School Internship:

Science & Engineering Fair Preparation

These internships provide students with the following support:​

  • Mentors for the student's project

  • Presentation & documentation guidance

  • Free Workshops to help Sci & Eng interns gain needed skills

  • Use of PVNet facilities & equipment

  • No charge for up to 20 Hrs. 3D printing & 10 Hrs. laser cutting 

  • DNA PCR, Lab equipment, EEG brainwave equipment, VR systems, etc.

  • A place to meet, work, research, think & much more

Scholarships available:  Students who register for the science/engineering fair internship will immediately receive $400 scholarship assistance towards the PVNet registration fee.  This opportunity will run so long as funds are available, and will be conducted on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Click here to apply for the Science/Engineering Fair Internship:




Our college interns are autonomous, with more freedom than our HS & JR interns. Whether you've found something that genuinely interests you or are still looking, invest in your future here at PVNet.

Our internship program offers a multitude of specialized workshops, projects, field trips, and discussions that are available to interns only. With access to the largest collection of technology in the South Bay, there is much to choose from!

Please know that this internship may vary from our other programs and that the details & schedule will be evaluated and agreed upon case-by-case, based on experience, knowledge, & availability. College internships require a minimum commitment of 9 months.

You will need to upload your resume/CV along with a cover letter. In your cover letter, please be sure to include the following:

  • Proposed start & end date, as well as tentative schedule

  • What would you like to get out of this internship?

While there is no charge for college interns, please be aware that this internship is unpaid. The internship exists for your benefit to help prepare you for employment.