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Student Spotlight


Daniel W.

Daniel is a PVNet student doing some great work in our Mechanical and Robotic Engineering Department.  He is designing complex 3D mechanical parts, writing code, and programming micro-controllers.  His computer-aided design is 3D-printed to create a system which, when completed, will disinfect areas and eliminate the COVID-19 virus virus in the air and on surfaces.


Thomas L.

When you view the course catalog or register for accredited courses, you're enjoying the work of advanced systems developer Thomas, PVNet alum and volunteer extraordinaire.  Thomas is so humble that he would never mention that Congresswoman Maxine Waters presented him with the Silver Congressional Award for his commitment to rigorous academic learning. 


David Eddy

David Eddy, parent of intern Wyatt, is a longtime friend of PVNet.  He enrolled in a Quantum Computing class at MIT to learn about the complex emerging technology.  He was then kind enough to pass on his knowledge to PVNet in the form of a seminar and an 8-week Intro to Quantum Computer course for PVNet students.  His teachings inspired his pupils beyond words and ignited interest they wouldn't have gotten elsewhere.


Sophie L.

BioTech student Sophie has participated in a project that utilizes Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) to duplicate genes.  She has been using PCR in our Marine Biology lab to test the marine life for specific DNA strands.

Sophie started her journey with PVNet by taking one of our BioTechnology classes to get hands-on experience for her online biology class.

DSC08364 (1).JPG

Video Editing Students

Students in PVNet's summer 2020 Video Editing course were able to produce, film, edit, and finalize a documentary that is now competing in national competitions!  View their video here.

In the past, PVNet students have won or placed in national and international film competitions, and have gone on to successful careers.

Ari Grabb - 2016-01-02 CROPPED.jpg

Ari Grabb

Ari is a former PVNet student who attended our Animation and Video Editing courses.  During these courses, he learned industry-standard software and techniques that boosted his skills and made him stand out among the crowd of aspiring TV/movie animators.

Now, Ari boasts an impressive resume, with experience working on shows like Rick and Morty, Solar Opposites, and Hot Streets.  View his full IMDB profile here.

He even worked on the visual effects for the 2015 feature film Anomalisa, which was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature!

science fair - michele chan.jpg

Michele C.

Michele advanced to the L.A. County Science Fair, where she took First Place in the Plant Biology and Physiology, Senior Division.

baseem-portrait 2021.jpg


Baseem made it to the elite semi-finals of the NASA Lunabotics Junior Contest!

Through the mentoring  received from Don Wahlquist and the availability if PVNet's STEM center with 3D printers, Baseem was able to create a truly remarkable entry to the contest. Learning CAD design, robotics, and electronics here at PVNet also contributed to Baseem's success.


LIAM MATHEWS 2023-01-28 DSC09808 (1).JPG

Liam M.

Michele advanced to the L.A. County Science Fair, where she took First Place in the Plant Biology and Physiology, Senior Division.

Successful Alumni

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