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Artificial Intelligence


Preparing early is more important than ever!

Some studies estimate that AI could lead to the loss of 45 million jobs in the U.S. by 2030, about one-fourth of the workforce.

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Here is some current information to help you plan your child's education in preparation for a career, Courtesy of ChatGPT 2024/01/06.

- Careers impacted by AI
- Majors impacted by AI
- Colleges offering courses in AI (partial listing)

Careers impacted by AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is expected to impact a wide range of careers across various industries. Here's a list of careers that are likely to be influenced by AI, either through automation of tasks, enhancement of job functions, or even creation of new roles:

  1. Customer Service: AI chatbots and automated customer service tools are becoming increasingly common.

  2. Manufacturing: Automation and robotics, powered by AI, are transforming manufacturing processes.

  3. Transportation and Delivery: Self-driving cars and drones are expected to revolutionize these sectors.

  4. Healthcare: AI is being used for diagnostic tools, patient care, and personalized medicine.

  5. Finance and Banking: Algorithmic trading, fraud detection, and customer service automation are key areas of AI application.

  6. Retail: From inventory management to personalized shopping experiences, AI is reshaping retail.

  7. Agriculture: AI-driven technologies are being used for crop monitoring, predictive analysis, and farm management.

  8. Human Resources: AI tools assist in resume screening and talent acquisition.

  9. Marketing and Advertising: AI is used for targeted advertising, customer segmentation, and content creation.

  10. Education: AI can personalize learning experiences and assist in grading and student assessment.

  11. Legal Services: AI is being used for document review and legal research.

  12. Content Creation: AI is increasingly involved in writing, journalism, and media production.

  13. Data Analysis and Management: Big data and AI are inherently linked for insights and decision-making processes.

  14. Software Development: AI is aiding in code generation and testing.

  15. Security: Both cybersecurity and physical security are using AI for threat detection and response.

  16. Entertainment and Arts: AI is creating new forms of art and entertainment, including music, painting, and gaming.

  17. Scientific Research: AI accelerates research in various fields like physics, chemistry, and biology.

  18. Real Estate: AI assists in property valuation, virtual tours, and customer service.

  19. Tourism and Hospitality: AI enhances customer experience through personalized recommendations and service automation.

  20. Public Services and Administration: Governments use AI for traffic management, public safety, and service delivery.

While AI will automate certain tasks within these careers, it's also expected to create new job opportunities and roles that focus on AI management, ethics, and development. Moreover, AI is likely to augment human capabilities in many fields rather than completely replacing human workers. The impact of AI on these careers will vary, with some experiencing more significant changes than others.

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Majors impacted by AI

Here is a short list of majors that are affected by AI:

- Aeronautics

- Astrophysics

- Banking

- Big Data Engineer/Architect

- Business Intelligence Developer

- Chemistry

- Data Analyst

- Data Scientist

- Machine Learning Engineer

- Marine Biology

- Media Arts

- Medical and Biomedical

- Neural Technology

- NLP Engineer

- Physics

- Research Scientist

- Robotics Engineer

- Software Architect

- Software Engineer

- Space Exploration

- Television and Movie Production

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Colleges offering courses in AI (partial listing)

- Arizona State University

- Auburn University

- Boston University

- California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

- Carnegie Mellon University

- Carnegie Mellon University - Silicon Valley

- Colorado State University

- Columbia University

- Cornell University

- Dartmouth College

- Drexel University

- Duke University

- ETH Zurich

- Florida State University

- George Mason University

- Georgia Institute of Technology

- Georgia State University

- Harvard University

- Imperial College London

- Indiana University Bloomington

- Iowa State University

- Johns Hopkins University

- Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

- Michigan State University

- Milwaukee School of Engineering

- New York University (NYU)

- Northwestern University

- Ohio State University

- Oregon State University

- Princeton University

- Purdue University

- Rutgers University

- Santa Clara University

- Stanford University

- Texas A&M University

- UMass-Amherst

- UNC-Charlotte

- University of Amsterdam

- University of Arizona

- University of British Columbia

- University of California, Berkeley

- University of California, Irvine

- University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

- University of California, San Diego

- University of Cambridge

- University of Chicago

- University of Colorado Boulder

- University of Edinburgh

- University of Florida

- University of Georgia

- University of Illinois

- University of Maryland

- University of Maryland, College Park

- University of Massachusetts Boston

- University of Michigan

- University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

- University of Minnesota

- University of Nevada, Las Vegas

- University of New Hampshire

- University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

- University of Notre Dame

- University of Oregon

- University of Oxford

- University of Pennsylvania

- University of Pittsburgh

- University of Rhode Island

- University of South Florida

- University of Southern California

- University of Tennessee

- University of Texas at Austin

- University of Toronto

- University of Utah

- University of Washington

- University of Wisconsin–Madison

- Vanderbilt University

- Virginia Tech

- Washington State University

- Yale University

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careers impacted by ai
Majors impacted by AI
Colleges offerig courses in AI
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