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We can help prepare you!
Many Engineering and Robotics Major courses at Universities require knowledge of circuits and topics that are often challenging to understand - especially when taken with other hard classes during a full time semester! Our Robotics and Engineering courses are taught by a professional Engineer and will help you succeed in your advanced High School and college courses!

These PVNet Courses
Engineering Department


Typical University Requirements
Bachelor of Science in Engineering

Introduction to A.I.

I.O.T. Creators Lab

Arduino & Electronics

Python For Beginners

Robotics For Beginners

Python Coding & Robotics

Python Coding & Quadcopters

Advanced Robotics With Rover X

3D Printing & CAD Design

Solidworks I & II

Electronics I & II

Engineering Fair Prep Internship

Circuits I & II

Electronics I & I

Mechatronic Engineering I & II


Manufacturing Process

Digital Systems

Materials Science

Programming Language

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