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We can help prepare you!
Many Media Art Major courses at Universities require strong 2D and 3D skills and experience - something that is hard to get before your classes start! Our knowledgeable instructors and fully equipped Mac lab have all you need to get creative and succeed in your advanced High School and college courses!

These PVNet Courses
Media Arts Department


Typical University Requirements
Bachelor of Art in Media Arts

2D Design I & II

3D Design

3D Printing & CAD Design

Drafting I & II

Audio Production I & II

Video Production I & II

Web Design I & II

High School Internship

Fundamentals of Design

History of Art I & II 

History of Design I & II

Perspective & Rendering


Computer Aided Drafting I & II

2D Design

3D Design

Advanced 3D Modeling

Industrial Design I & II

Fine Art Painting I & II

Typography i & II

Product Design I & II

Advertising Design I & II

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