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We can help prepare you!
Many Game Design Major courses at Universities require coding and topics that are often challenging to understand - especially when taken with other hard classes during a full time semester! Our Game Design courses will help you succeed in your advanced High School and college courses! Our Game Design Department is ran by a professional Game Designer and is fully equipped!

These PVNet Courses
Game Design Department


Typical University Requirements
Bachelor of Science in Game Design

Introduction To Game Design

Game Design With Blender & Unity 3D

C# Coding & Scripting For Unity 3D

VR Game Design For Oculus Quest II

Minecraft Modding With Java

Audio Production I & II

Video Production I & II

Introduction to A.I.

3D Printing & CAD Design

Science Fair Prep Internship

Game Design I & II

Game Production I II & III

Game Art I & II

Game Audio Design

Game Level Design

Analog Game Theory

Conception & Preproduction

Game Programming I & II

Creative Writing

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