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Enroll in PVNet's Comp Sci courses and save 3 years by taking Python, Java, and be ready for the College Board AP Comp Sci A Exam in May of next year.

Here are the steps:
For most students (starting with 8th grade):
- Enroll in the Summer Python course
- Enroll in the Fall Computer Science Advanced Level A - Java course
- Enroll in the test prep boot camp for the Comp Sci-A College Board Exam course
- Take the college board exam (and you're done!)

Otherwise, at your school, you will spend a year in Python, a year in AP Comp Sci Principles and a year in AP CS A Java.

Many Computer Science Major courses at Universities require knowledge of both Java & Python, topics that are challenging to understand - especially when taken with other challenging courses!

Our Computer Science Department instructors are credentialed & highly experienced.


Most of our courses can be completed in 1 semester or a summer, approximately 1/2 the time required by your school.

Here is a list of the Computer Science courses frequently offered and also available by tutoring:

(Click for all comp sci courses in catalog)

  • Intro to Java

  • Advanced AP CS A Level JAVA

  • Intro to Python

  • Game Design Using Blender & Unity 3D

  • AWS Professional Application Development

  • Artificial Intelligence ChatGPT Software Development Intro

  • AP Comp Sci-A College Board Test Prep Boot Camp

  • VR Game Design

  • Computer Science with Minecraft


  • Intro to C#

  • Intro to C++

Please contact PVNet if you have any questions

(Looking for Game Design? Click here!)

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