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The Inventors Guild International provides aspiring inventors with relevant, useful, and meaningful skills and technologies needed to think like and become entrepreneurs. 


Emerging Technology​

The IGI provides members with access to innovative, disruptive technologies. 

Realize your dreams with the most advanced tools, including:



  • 3D Printing for prototyping

  • Unmanned Aerial Systems equipment

  • EEG brainwave headsets

  • Robotics equipment


  • Augmented and Virtual Reality design    

  • 3D modelling

  • Coding--most languages

  • AI & Deep Learning programming

  • Multimedia Design & Development

  • Fabrication equipment 

These are only a few examples of the wide variety of equipment available to IGI members. PVNet is constantly

adding new cutting edge hardware and software to its Technology Center. 

Advisory Committee Call for Applicants


Select the button below if you are interested in joining our Advisory Committee. ​


Inventor Memberships registration applications will be accepted after the Advisory Committee has been formed.

Stay tuned! ​

For more information and early membership notification, send an e-mail to with

your contact information, or fill out the form below.

Membership (coming soon)
Young Inventors (coming soon)


The Inventors Guild International (IGI) is the formalization of PVNet's 25 year history of inventing and designing. The IGI is a place to bring your ideas, meet people who are working on their own ideas, and have access to mentors, hardware and software, prototyping and emerging technology.  

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