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Advisory Committee (AC) members are the founding force of the formation of the IGI. Successful implementation by this committee will result in an innovative program that leads and guides bright new inventors and entrepreneurs in our communities. 

This is a forward looking project with the potential to, at minimum, influence creativity simply through the opportunity to engage with others and to promote and encourage invention.

The AC will:

  • be made up of business leaders and professionals who recognize the value of entrepreneurship

  • oversee the creation of the IGI

  • develop policies and support structure needed to accomplish the Guild's mission. 

  • host various fundraising, networking, and social events that attract prospective members

  • utilize their professional network to continually improve the IGI.

Initial Advisory Committee Positions


Initially comprised of eight members, this committee will be made up of the following roles:

1. Chairman

2. Fundraising/Social outreach

3. Legal

4. Education Leader

5. Mentor Bureau

6. Event Planner/Organizer

7. Committee Secretary 

8. Inventors Coordinator

*Advisory committee positions subject to change. 6 month minimum term.

$500 - Founding Member

$1000 - Sponsoring Member


Contributions from committee members will be used to fund and facilitate the start of the program. Your contributions will grant you the following recognition: 

In recognition, founding members will be gifted a plaque to take home, along with a plaque to be placed at PVNet's Technology Center.

Committee Member BenefitS

In addition to the honor of being a Founding Member of the Inventors Guild International, Advisory Committee members enjoy the benefits of:

  • Public recognition and respect as a community leader promoting innovation

  • Increased professional visibility

  • Community engagement through events hosted by IGI

  • New relationships, opportunities, and increased professional networking

Advisory Committee Call for Applicants

To apply, send your e-mail to:

Subject line: Application for IGI Advisory Committee

Please include your resume and a brief statement that addresses which position you are applying for and what your inclusion will bring to the Advisory Committee.

Committee members will be chosen by a PVNet selection committee. 

Membership (Coming Soon)
Young Inventors (Coming Soon)
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