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FALL 2020

STEM U is now a semester course!


At the request of parents, who are worried about their children constantly being on Zoom, STEM University is now an in-person semester course designed to offset the time students are on Zoom.


This exciting class will be held in a one-of-a-kind, newly-configured facility specifically configured for proper social distancing and CDC compliance. 


Click here to learn about our COVID-safe classroom.

Topics covered:

  • TinkerCAD

  • Minecraft modding

  • Coding

  • VEX Robotics

  • Microsoft Word & Powerpoint

  • Adobe Illustrator

To help families during the financial impact of COVID-19, PVNet is offering this course at a reduced price and with new payment plan options.  The plan offers the course at a $400 initial fee followed by 3 equal monthly installments to pay off the balance.

Course Information

Semester duration:  9/28/2020 - 1/11/2021

Class times:  1:30pm - 3:20pm Mondays and Wednesdays

Location:  In-person at PVNet

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