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EEG Brain Waves
Neurotechnology •  data analytics  •  robotics

Project Description

High school intern Mattias E. has never worked with neurotechnology before. He is exploring the emerging field of Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI) and learning how to work with data and how it can be used to control robotics and devices with human thought.

Using an EEG headset connected to a Ganglion board, Mattias is now recording brainwaves. The data is being analyzed using software, some of which he will have to develop, running on an Arduino micro-controller. This exciting project will offer a deep dive into neuroscience, computer science, 3D modelling, and engineering.



See the steps of Mattias' process.


  • November 10 - familiarizing with Ganglion board and EEG headband

  • November 11 - researching necessary software

  • November 16 - rough assembly on a glass head model, measuring dimensions for a battery clip holder design

  • November 30 - testing the Ganglion board, latency/noise in readings, testing battery clip holder

  • December 7 - creating Arduino code to transfer data; obtained clearer data


The abstract is currently under revision, please check back at a later date for updates.

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