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Audio Recording & Music Production

Program Overview

Available Now!

Interested in music production, technology, sound engineering, recording, and editing?
Come join our fully featured environment to learn audio recording and production! 
We offer a level 1 and 2 version of this class. Students can work on individual projects, collaborate with other students on new projects, complete school assignments or college app recordings. 

Full Access:

  • State-of-the-art audio equipment

  • Audio mixing room

  • Recording/mixing software

  • Project collaboration workshops



Learn the entire recording & producing process:

  • Record artists with 24 channel studio mixer

  • Overdub & add more tracks

  • Mix Down w/ 24 track mixer

  • Press recorded music onto vinyl to complete your album

Prepare For Your Future Career!

  • Record / Music Producer

  • Audio Engineer

  • Recording Mixer

  • Movie / Sound Effects Specialist

  • Events & Performance Mixer

For more information:

please email     Subject: "Year-round Music Production"

Abelton Live Demo

Summer 2021 Video and Documentary Production Course

Summer 2019 Music Production Course

Click to see work and pictures from our Summer 2019 program

Other Music & Audio Classes & Projects

PVNet also offers a wide variety of programs and courses centered around audio production. 

Take a look at our course catalog to see current offerings.

You can also join our e-mail list to stay up-to-date on future creative courses!


Take a look below at some of the awesome music projects our students, interns and alumni have worked on!

Check our our Youtube channel for more great content

Current and Past Music Projects

PVNet Audio Recording

Digital - meets analog - meets vinyl! Awesome

# Music Recording (MP cropped).jpg
WIN_20190819_15_26_38_Pro (mp cropped).j

Music producers and engineers in the making! PVNet students recorded talented professional musicians and will mix down the songs to be mastered onto vinyl records!

PVNet houses a state-of-the-art 24-track recording studio--all accessible to our students and interns!


We make music -- literally!

Design, build and even 3D-print your own instrument parts!


Hand-assembled Telecaster

3D print a Guitar Body?? Is that possible? At PVNet it is! Did you know that PVNet has many 3D printers and some are big enough to print a custom designed electric guitar body!? This photo shows a concept body that looks like a Game of Thrones dragon head.

Green Screen Music Project

Fun and creativity meet technology: combining live music with green screen tech!

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