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Music Production Class - Summer 2019

Digital Meets Analog

This is the Music Production & Recording Class held successfully during the summer of 2019!

Students learned the basics of important industry skills such as operating mixing consoles, signal processing and routing, effects processing, mixing dos and don'ts, microphone placement, types of microphones, headphone mixes, digital and analog connections, working with musical performers, and much more...

They had a very fulfilling, exciting and complete music production experience. They recorded live studio music performances using professional recording equipment and 24-channel studio mixer. Then, using Native Instruments and Ableton music software, students mix down songs.

The incredible final stage in this class will be taking the final mixes to a record pressing plant and seeing first-hand the process of mastering, pressing, then holding a record in their hands and finally playing back and listening to a vinyl record they produced!

WIN_20190922_16_50_25_Pro (mp cropped).j

Here, guitarist/composer David Hernandez edits his composition using Ableton Live 10. He used Native Instruments software, keyboards and MK3 system to write and perform his music. He then played guitar and recorded additional tracks before bringing it all into Ableton for editing and mixing.

# Music Recording (MP cropped).jpg

During this session the production team practiced setting up microphones to record a full drum kit. The electric guitar was recorded directly from the guitar amp redbox output. Performers wore closed over-the-ear head phones while recording.


After a great recording session, the performers and production team members stand for a group photo. During this recording session, they just finished recording the Guitar and Drum tracks. Next step: overdub more instruments.


T.J. works with his keyboardist to overdub tracks for his song while the production team performs the audio engineering work to record the parts.

WIN_20190819_15_49_52_Pro (mp cropped).j

Peter operates the recording for overdubs console while T.J.'s keyboardist performs.


The production team traveled to Hermosa Beach rehearsal studios to record the well known beach cities surf music band, SandBlast. A seasoned band with great equipment and excellent sound, SandBlast worked with the production team to record 7 songs.

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