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For many students, PVNet has been the first step on their path to success.  Below are just a few of our noted alumni and what they have to say about PVNet.

“PVNet’s pupils come and work on our research for the Mars mission here at NASA Armstrong. PVNet’s students are amongst the brightest that we have every year.PVNet gets my highest recommendation for their students”
Albion Bowers, NASA Chief Scientist
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"I discovered my entrepreneurship spirit when I interned as a student at PVNET. PVNet created a collaborative, positive environment where we could build lasting friendships, develop invaluable technical skills, and learn to independently manage projects. When I started my new business,, I would have flashbacks of my days at PVNET: web development, graphic design, sales/marketing, and so much more… which all contributed to the launch of my company. My sincerest thank you to Ted and PVNet, for helping me build the foundation for my success!"

~ Sharon Chang, business owner

“I was introduced to new technology and gained valuable new skills that were beyond my 4-year program at Duke University.”

~ Alex Chen, Biomedical Engineering, Duke University Class of 2018

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"[PVNet] provided me with the inspiration and tools needed to find joy and purpose in science. It's impossible to put a price tag on what those experiences gave me. Giving a kid confidence and showing them the joy of discovery is priceless. Its value is a lifetime of purpose and direction."

~ Richard Hakim, Neuroscience PhD student at Harvard University.

"PVNet gave me the opportunity to work with the technology that I couldn’t have worked with elsewhere."

~ Barkha Sherp, Former PVNet Intern


"I initially joined PVNet as an intern learning 3D visual design and development, virtual reality systems, and coding. Over time I became a volunteer and eventually began interning as an instructor, mainly responsible for classes like game development, VR, and 3D modeling. 


The best part about being a member of PVNet is that you get to surround yourself with the newest tech - not only in terms of equipment but also people. Personally, my best memories at PVNet were the times I got to spend with other interns and industry professional mentors. They were all very talented and passionate about their respective fields, ranging from system backends to machine learning. Interacting with them opened my eyes to fields of technology that I wasn't aware of and therefore had never considered. The outcome is that years at PVNet led to my NASA Internship and pushed me to further explore the many worlds of engineering which I now pursue."

~ Tomoki "Tommy" Fukuzawa, NASA Intern

"I am very grateful to PVNet for providing me with the resources and training necessary to begin my VFX education. I first attended PVNet when I was 13 years old and had only just begun to develop an interest in visual effects and CG animation. Supportive instructors, in conjunction with excellent technological resources, created an environment that fostered creativity and really allowed my interest to grow and develop. Having the opportunity to learn software like Autodesk Maya at such a young age proved to be incredibly advantageous. After graduating from PVNet, I continued to study and develop my skillset and I ultimately returned to PVNet as a summer instructor, before entering the entertainment industry full-time as a VFX artist. It is because of PVNet that I've been fortunate enough to pursue my passion.

Today, PVNet has expanded well beyond CG animation with programs in 3D printing, virtual reality, drone design, and more. PVNet opens doors and creates passionate youth - I can only hope that it continues to grow!"

~ Andrew Sibner, VFX Artist

Andrew Sibner
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