For many students, PVNet has been the first step on their path to success.  


Below are just a few of our noted alumni & what they have to say about PVNet:


“PVNet is a breeding ground for geniuses and a truly amazing place.”                                    

~Delaney Kerkhof, Dean of Operations, Summit Public Schools

“PVNet gave me the tools and opportunities to explore areas of technology that I would never have had access to at home or school. My years at PVNet directly correlated to my success and my top level career in the IT field today.”

~Greg Flett, Head of Network Development, Amazon Web Services


“I was introduced to new technology and gained valuable new skills that were beyond my 4 year program at Duke University.”

~Alex Chen, Biomedical Engineering, Duke University Class of 2018

“PVNet was where I built the foundation of my work-ethic and technical skills, and I accredit much of what I am doing now to the lessons I learned and skills I acquired at PVNet. PVNet's unique opportunities allowed me to gain valuable technical and professional experience early on which has made all the difference.”

~Sean, Computer Science, Sophomore at Cornell University


“I started at PVNet when I was 13. PVNet is the only place in the South Bay with the community, technology, mentors, and tools to learn the craft”.

~Andrew Huang, Award Winning Experimental Art Director

( With several exhibits in top recognizable museums around the world, & working extensively with the artist Bjork to produce her acclaimed music videos) 

"PVNet provided this great atmosphere for me to work in and discover who I truly am and what I want to do for the rest of my life."

~Derrick Auyoung, Head of Motion R&D, Weta Digital

"[PVNet] provided me with the inspiration and tools needed to find joy and purpose in science. It's impossible to put a price tag on what those experiences gave me. Giving a kid confidence and showing them the joy of discovery is priceless. It's value is a lifetime of purpose and direction."

~Richard Hakim, Neuroscience PhD student at Harvard University.


Note from NASA Chief Scientist Albion Bowers about PVNet Interns:

“PVNet’s pupils come and work on our research for the Mars mission here at NASA Armstrong. PVNet’s students are amongst the brightest that we have every year….PVNet gets my highest recommendation for their students”

~Albion Bowers, NASA Chief Scientist


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