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Summer 2021
Vertical Farming Research Weekly Update

Project Spotlight:

Successful Edibles!

In the final week, students see the fruits of their research and labor! The project was a complete success and produced healthy, edible plants.



Ready to eat!

Vertical Farming Research
Week 6 Update

Project Spotlight:

Water Changes Are Important!


Week 5 was full of surprises and challenges! Students learned the importance of the frequent water changes and maintenance required for healthy plants.


4thWeek-IndoorFarmingResearch-Summer2021 (2).JPG

Students changing water

Vertical Farming Research
Week 5 Update

Project Spotlight:

Successful Sprouts!


The fourth week started off with a stroke of success; the plant sprouts all survived the transplant process! With the s


4thWeek-IndoorFarmingResearch-Summer2021 (3).JPG

These sprouts look great!

4thWeek-IndoorFarmingResearch-Summer2021 (1).JPG

Students ensure the plants are set up correctly

Vertical Farming Research
Week 4 Update

Healthy Roots, Healthy Plants


The aeroponic buckets allow students to view the root systems as they develop.

4thWeek-IndoorFarmingResearch-Summer2021 (2).JPG

A student checking for roots

Project Spotlight:

Measure twice, cut once


The third week was full of hard lessons learned and experiences gained. After some excellent words of advice from our director, the students cut the final pieces of tubing and finished the assembly. With the structure complete, the students unpacked the lighting and began setting up the hydroponics system!

3rdWeek-IndoorFarmingResearch-Summer2021 (15).JPG

A student makes some final measurements

3rdWeek-IndoorFarmingResearch-Summer2021 (14).JPG

Our director giving some helpful advice

Vertical Farming Research
Week 3 Update


After a whole lot of banging, and a few final checks, the structure is finally complete! The students were understandably relieved, as the process was much more demanding than they had anticipated.

Our Mascot


Our rescued & adopted mascot Shuguba makes sure that everything is running smoothly. In case you can't tell, he approves! 

3rdWeek-IndoorFarmingResearch-Summer2021 (17).JPG

A student finishing the structure

3rdWeek-IndoorFarmingResearch-Summer2021 (19).JPG

Shuguba is a good dogé

Ready To Grow!

Activating the lights was an exciting moment! One of the students decided to make sure the lights worked before hanging them up. Ensuring everything works and fits before assembling was a hard lesson learned this week!

3rdWeek-IndoorFarmingResearch-Summer2021 (16).JPG

A student checks the new lights

Project Spotlight:

Advice from a master gardener


The first week of the Vertical Hydroponic Farming Research was definitely a busy one! After Monday’s orientation, the remainder of the week was dedicated to hydroponic theory, design, and assembly with training provided by master gardener Elizabeth Sala. During week 2, the students continued building the structure for the Hydroponics system (with much trial and error!).

Vertical Hydroponics Farming Student Research (3).jpg

Master gardener Elizabeth Sala and a few of the students

Vertical Hydroponics Farming Student Research (6).jpg

Students conducting research for the hydroponic system

Vertical Farming Research
Week 1&2 Update

Designing The System


After a few days of training and research, the students begin developing their ideas for the hydroponic system.

Seed Germination


Following advice from Elizabeth Sala, the students germinated their own seeds. After germination, the seeds were planted into grow plugs for the hydroponic system. 

Vertical Hydroponics Farming Student Research (25)_edited.jpg

An engineering student presenting her design

Vertical Hydroponics Farming Student Research (16).jpg

A student researcher shows off her successful seedlings

Building The Structure


With their measurements perfect and designs finalized, the students move on to the building phase. Using PBC tubing, students begin building the support structure that will hold lights, trays, and seedlings. 

Vertical Hydroponics Farming Student Research (21).jpg

Students assemble their cut pieces

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