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Computer Programming

USA Computing Olympiad
Junior Competition

The USACO Coding competition is coming soon!

PVNet will be hosting in-person workshops to help students succeed in this competition.

These workshops will allow students to access PVNet's extensive facilities and instructor advice.

If interested, please let us know here


The USA Computing Olympiad has four junior competitions each year to showcase top coders in the United States. PVNet is proud to announce its collaborative support for the USACO in providing students with a solid foundation in coding to better prepare for both the competition, and their future careers in STEM!

If you are interested, please send an email to

Contest Overview

  •  USACO is one of the most challenging pre-college Computer Science Exams/Contests. The USACO holds about five web-based contests during the academic year. Click here to view more details on the timing and exams. 

  •  USACO contests are designed to challenge even the very best students, and it can take a good deal of hard work to excel at them. There are four levels:  Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.  

  • Doing well in USACO online contests serves as a good indicator of algorithmic thinking and problem-solving skills.

  • USACO contests take place as an online exam with a list of open challenges for computer science students every year,  with one contest per month from December to April. Visit USACO's official site for details such as the entrance to the IOI. Students can sign up for any of the exams and are encouraged to take as many as you can every year continuously.

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