ACADEMY for stem
Academy for STEM is a Nonprofit Charity 501(c)(3)


PVNet is 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Charity - Every Dollar is Tax Deductible

You Get Double the Benefits!

1) Your donation is fully Tax Deductible

2) PVNet serves YOU and is the ONLY advanced Technology Education Center in the Region

Why Donate to PVNet?

  • It's about the kids - not the money

  • To keep program fees free or below cost so more kids learn

  • Every dollar supports you

  • To provide college level technology education to middle and high school students

  • To fund scholarships for career skills and STEM education

  • There are NO inflated administrative bureaucratic expenses

How We Help

  • PVNet is operated mostly by volunteers who are industry professionals

  • We're the ONLY alternative education STEM school

  • We accelerate learning and promote self discovery

  • We help students leapfrog the education system

  • We provide specialized learning tracks for kids with challenges

Humanitarian Award Recipient for Helping Youth

NON PROFIT & 25 Years of Volunteerism Teaching Youth STEM in our Community

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PVNet Technology Center

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Phone: (310) 541-7992


Donate to STEM Education

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