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PVNET Policy


Tuition for all programs is based on a minimum number of students.  In rare instances, PVNet may cancel programs and refund tuition.  The number of sessions will be reduced commensurate with the number of registrations which are below the minimum number of students required to hold the class. The fewer the students in the class the less time required to cover the same amount of material.

If a class size is less than 4 students, PVNet reserves the right to reduce the class length. This remains consistent with our goal of ensuring that we cover all planned material, as the fewer the students in the class the less time required to cover the planned material.


PVNet reserves the right to decline service to anyone without notice.



No refunds will be made. The reason for this policy is that PVNet is a nonprofit organization that depends on metrics to be met which trigger actions and incur significant expenses.

Any person who signs up and pays for a summer program does so with the full understanding and in complete agreement with this policy. We request that everyone honor their agreement to comply with this policy.



Any person who enters our premises and/or signs up for any program does so with the full understanding and in complete agreement that they release PVNet from any and all liabilities.


Videos and Photos

All persons who enter our facility and/or participate in any PVNet related activity agree to be photographed, videotaped, and audio recorded and grant unlimited use of these media to PVNet. Parents agree to this policy on behalf of their minor children upon registration to any programs, courses, activities, or other PVNet events.


Home School Policy
Everyone at PVNet fully supports homeschooling and believes in its remarkable benefits. We also greatly respect the parents who choose to homeschool their children.

PVNet is a nonprofit organization and we strive to offer education programs at the lowest possible cost to parents.  In fact, many of us at PVNet are volunteers giving back to improve education for everyone.

Working with home school charters creates a large burden of unexpected costs on PVNet. Homeschooling paperwork, long delays in receiving payments, and a number of other issues have forced us to either increase prices or change our policy. For each home school form PVNet has to process, we charge a home school handling fee of $15.

Additionally, we have updated the payment and registration policies as follows:

  1. Payment must be made in full at the time of registration.

  2. Upon receiving payment from the home school charter, PVNet will reimburse you the registration fee.

We believe that keeping costs low provides your children with more opportunity and are confident that you will agree.

PVNet is not responsible for damages/issues caused by any acts of God, or problems caused by the mall such as air conditioning, heating, flooding, etc.  Thank you for your support and understanding.

Code of Conduct 

While attending the PVNet Technology Center, youth have the right to feel safe and welcome at all times.  To help keep the atmosphere at the PVNet Technology Center comfortable for all youth, the following rules have been created:

01)   Violence of any kind is unacceptable. Loud arguments, name-calling, threats, harassment, physical contact and/or any other signs BULLYING are NOT allowed.

02)   Respect yourself & others. Degrading racial, ethnic, sexist, or homophobic remarks or SWEARING is not welcomed here.

03)   Act respectability to ALL PVNet facilities and property around you. Destruction, defacement, or theft of any kind is not tolerated.

04)   Gossiping or talking disrespectfully about anyone is not allowed. Speak for yourself, not for others.

05)   Behaviors associated with the possession or use of drugs and alcohol are not allowed. There are to be NO drugs or alcohol on you, or in you.

06)   Noise must remain at a comfortable level for everyone.

07)  Clean up after yourself. This includes any gaming equipment you use.

08)  Smoking is not allowed.

09)  Anyone deliberately abusing, misusing or breaking equipment will be expected to pay for replacement and any labor.

10)  No graffiti writing or defacing the center or its contents in anyway.

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