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Marketing internshiP
Discover more about yourself while helping to run a non-profit organization.


Join the marketing internship at PVNet and learn how to assist in advertising and promotional efforts within a company. Grab this opportunity to work with experienced mentors and students. 

Students will not only gain practical skills in MyEmma, Wix, and more, but will also learn how to work on a team, communicate ideas, and work through setbacks productively.

Apply now for a valuable educational experience.

Intern Responsibilities

Responsibilities include:

  • making email marketing drafts

  • updating the PVNet website periodically

  • publishing classes and promoting them

  • analyzing emailing trends and adjusting accordingly

  • identifying new areas to market

  • build relationships with organizations locally and throughout the world

Intern Requirements

Requirements include:

  • basic skills in Excel

  • commitment to 5+ hours a week

  • basic familiarity with graphic design

  • passion for learning, collaboration, and marketing

  • discover more about yourself while helping to run a non-profit organization

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