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Junior Competition

No entry fees! Bigger cash prizes!

Hyperloop 2 coming soon!

An exciting vehicle design competition! 

Now's your time to shine! Use your engineering and physics skills to design and build a miniature prototype. The Hyperloop Design Competition introduces both individual students and teams of students to the exciting concept of a future ultra-high-speed ground transportation system using magnetic propulsion.

Meet other engineers and physicists!

Although this is a competition, we encourage our student competitors to network with one another and possibly form teams. In doing so, many students form lasting friendships that persist into their professional lives. So come on - design, build, test and enjoy the experience!


Did we mention there are cash prizes?

Students may team up or work solo to compete for our 1st and 2nd place cash prizes and gifts*! 

  • 1st place winner $350

  • 2nd place winner $250


*1st & 2nd place winners will also receive an "Oscillation Overthruster", used by Buckaroo Banzai to travel into the 8th dimension

How to enter:

Create a parent account and register through our course catalog.

This competition is free, and there's no registration fee!

Download the Hyperloop Vehicle Design Competition 

information PDF here:


Questions about the Hyperloop Competition? Email us at (Subject: Hyperloop)

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