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About This Internship Program

PVNet Academy Advanced Technology Center

This is an unpaid academic driven program that provides a unique opportunity for participants to gain valuable professional experience and build leadership skills through practical application. This program provides a hands-on opportunity for future leaders who aspire to work in the private sector to strengthen their understanding of the technology industry and prepare them for their future.

Interns will work hands on within departments to perform tasks, analyze technology trends and uses, provide invaluable community service and more. Every internship is unique and assignments will vary depending on which industry that interests you.

Through mentorship and under supervision, PVNet Advanced Technology Center interns may perform average, moderate or complex level of work. It is designed to provide supervised practical work experience for high school students interested in public service within their community.

The selected candidate may perform department-specific projects, conduct surveys, research, perform administrative, and public information tasks in support of community service. Emphasis is placed on a variety of meaningful learning experiences, while at the same time, giving back to their communities.

This internship opportunity is open to all high school students upon acceptance.


  • Accrue hours towards: Presidential Award - Volunteering - Community Service.

  • Enhanced experience not available in high schools.

  • Listing internships on your collage app are valuable.

  • Excellent for improving academic & job opportunities.

  • Students with prior internships are more likely to be invited to collage internships.

  • Great opportunity to consider a new field which may interest you.


  • Professional Development: Through custom-made research projects, PVNet Interns learn management, marketing, and communication skills, and are exposed to emerging technologies such as AI that are redefining the workplace. You will change lives as part of an internationally recognized research and learning center.​

  • Your hours will be applied to: Presidential Award, Community Service, and Volunteer Hours! These will all enhance your college applications.

Important Dates:

  • Orientation: Saturday, June 16, 3pm - 5pm.

  • Internship Duration: Monday, June 18 - until one week prior to the start of the Fall semester for your school. Vacation/travel dates are accommodated.

Internship Requirements: 

  • Must be in grades 10, 11, or 12 starting Fall 2024.

  • Must be Able to work a minimum of 10 hours not to exceed 28 hours a week as follows: 2 Hours Daily, Monday - Friday, between 11am - 5pm. Includes 1 weekly group meeting.


  • Email with the subject: ACADEMIC SUMMER INTERNSHIP 2024

  • Attach a simple resume in PDF format only.

  • Include a brief explanation of why this opportunity interests you.

  • Deadline for applications is June 13.

  • Applicants will be contacted by email by June 15.

We look forward to receiving your resumes!

Questions? Email them to for more information.

Future Internship Program Application Periods:

  • Fall Session

  • Spring Session

  • Summer Session

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