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GIS (Geographic Information System)

What is GIS?

GIS (Geographic Information Systems) is a class of software used to map, manage, analyze and present complex information that is location-based, or spatial in nature. It is a crucial tool for anyone considering studying or working in environmental sciences and ecology; geography, geology and other earth sciences; regional planning and demographics; military strategy and tactics; logistics; and more.

PVNet students perform landslide analysis:

Click HERE to view story map

GIS - Landslides in RPV: In one of the many different ways you can use GIS, students visited landslide locations and used GIS to map out and study other possible landslide prone areas in Palos Verdes.

gis quadcopter.JPG

Students preparing to fly a quadcopter (UAS) at the Paseo del Mar Landslide location

More GIS classes to come, make sure to check out Course Catalog for more info

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