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We need your tax deductible donation to it again in 2019. All moneys go towards educational services.



PVNet has been here for you for 25 years and your donation will ensure that PVNet continues to delivers the best service to our community in 2019


You count on PVNet to be there when you need it or when your kids need it. Let’s make year 26 the best year ever at our location at the Promenade on the Peninsula Mall!


We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and all your contributions are tax deductible.




PVNet Our alums will tell you why a donation to PVNet is the most important donation to education you can make in our community:


Andrew Huang, Filmmaker, Animator, Artist,  and graduate from PV on the Net-
I came to PVNET when I was 13 years old; It was from working at PVNET  that I gained the skills that are indispensable to my career today.  I'm now directing films, music videos, commercials and created animations in the Warner Bros movie, “Pan”. PVNET is only place in the South Bay that offers this.


Greg Flett, Head of Network Development, Amazon Web Services -
I was brought to PVNet at the age of 11; school didn't offer any education related to computer;  PVNet soon became a second home for me; My time at PVNet was pivotal during my developmental years and has had an impact on my life ever since. The safe environment, in addition to the limitless learning potential, made it a fantastic place to spend time. I’m currently near the top of my field in IT at a young age, and I owe a lot of where I am today to PVNet.

Andrew Bradford, GIS Technical Specialist, State  of Texas -
“ It  is no exaggeration to say that I would not have the job &  career that I now have without Palos Verdes on the Net. My experience at PVNet gave me an edge over every other candidate.”


Andrew S., Visual Effects Artist, Disney -
“I first attended PVNet when I was 13 years old; I am very grateful to PVNet for providing me with the resources and training necessary to begin my VFX education. It is because of PVNet that I've been fortunate enough to pursue my passion.”

Barkha Scherp, PVNet Alum, USC Engineering Student, PVNet NASA Intern -
My Internship for several years at PVNet gave me an advantage over other students in my college application. I had more experience with 3D Printing and Unmanned Aerial Systems than many of my peers at USC. My summer Internship at NASA Edwards AFB was a direct result of my PVNet Internship.

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