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Student Research Program

​Wheelchair design for paralyzed dogs

Dog Lovers - Let's Design A Dog Wheelchair!

This is a unique and highly valuable research opportunity.

Ready for a challenging summer internship that will look great on your college application or resume?

What better way for dog lovers to spend this summer designing and making a wheel chair for dogs who are unable to use their back legs?

This summer internship will test your skills in design and engineering, but don't worry - our instructors are here to monitor your progress and answer any questions you may have on the way.  Best yet, our interns get full access to PVNet's facilities including our 3D printing and robotics labs!

Meet Shuggie, our inspiration for this class. 

20210817_191046 CROPPED.jpg

James with his excellent design

Project Goals:

• Create a wheelchair for use by dogs.

• Gain skills and knowledge through the process

Why Participate?

  1. Real-World Problem-Solving: Students will enjoy coming up with ideas knowing that what they’re doing is trying to help animals in need.

  2. Mentorship: Students will have the opportunity to work closely with experienced mentors.

  3. College and Career Advantage: Participation in this type of project is highly regarded by colleges and employers alike.

  4. Community Impact: Helping dogs through the process of learning about their needs could potentially benefit dogs & families in the future.

  5. Certificates and Recognition: Participants who complete a design will receive a certificate.

Ask your teacher if you can get extra credit for this project and if your teacher would please let other students know about this great opportunity.


Students building their design

Meet a veterinarian!

Students will meet with a veterinarian during a class meeting. Ask questions, get advice, and show off your ideas!


If you have any questions, contact us by email us at

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