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diagnosing causes of limping in dogs
arduino  •  machine learning  •  3d printing

This project is open for further development.

Project Description

Cole Schreiner is a college intern who conducted research on diagnosing walking issues in dogs through a wearable tracking device. For 3 months, Cole and two high school interns worked on designing the software and hardware needed to collect data on distinguishing the difference between healthy and potentially unhealthy dogs by the way they walk. By the end of the summer, they successfully designed and tested their prototype veterinary device to help vets with early detection. 



See the process of designing, testing, and putting together the sensor.


  • June - begin brainstorming and figuring out the logistics of designing a sensor

  • July - begin the process of coding the sensor

  • August 1st - finish coding

  • August 4 - make a 3D box/harness

  • August 6 - analyze the data gathered

  • August 11 - complete the 3D box/harness

  • August 18 - finish testing on dogs

  • August 24 - complete the working prototype

  • August 29 - finish the documentation of this project


The abstract is currently under revision, please check back at a later date for updates.

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