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Astrolab field trip

PVNet Students Visit AstroLab

PVNet Interns recieved an engineering tour from AstroLab engineers at Venturi Astrolab, Inc.

Astrolab is a revolutionary space research center that is focused on designing, building and operating a fleet of multi-purpose commercial planetary rovers to extend and enhance humanity’s presence in the solar system.


Their latest project is the multi-functional Flexible Logistics & Exploration rover (FLEX). Its primary goal is to support human operations, robotic science, exploration, logistics, construction, resource utilization, and other activities critical to enabling a sustained human presence on the Moon, Mars, and beyond.

You can visit their website HERE.

PVNet students were treated to a handsome experience of the rover. Interestingly, it's worth noting that there was a possibility that components from this rover that students are standing on may be in the final configuration going to mars on a SpaceX mission in 2025.

Here are just a few of the pictures students took while visiting...


The control display on the rover


The AstroLab engineer explaining how the rover operates


Students participating in a VR simulation of driving the rover


The AstroLab engineer & guide showing their model of the moon's surface


The AstroLab engineer doing a live demonstration of how the rover works


PVNet students checking out the rover


The AstroLab engineer explaining what AstroLab is going to do in the future

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