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Architecture 101
3D Printing Houses

What will you design?

A project-based summer class for students to design a model house in 3D. Mentored by professional architect designers contractors, students will learn a cad program, how to design a house following certain constraints, 3d printing techniques, and architecture design 101. Then they will design a roof for it, and make a complete 3D production model. 

Along the way there will be interactions and presentations from working professionals, one of which is involved with the NASA project designing 3d printed structures on the moon ("Back To Moon" missions).

At the conclusion of the class, PVNet instructors will print the 3D models for students to take home with them!
All 3D printing consumables are included with the class fee ($300+ value)



ICON develops advanced construction technologies that advance humanity by using 3D printing robotics, software and advanced materials.

Check out this fantastic interview with its CEO and founder Josh Ballard.

Very inspiring!

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