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  • Intro to Carnegie Mellon Robotics

  • Fundamental concepts of Aeronautical Engineering

  • Building a UAS quadcopter 

  • Digital electronics used to control a Quadcopter

  • Safety, mechanics, programming, radio control, and the physics of flight


Looking to satisfy your fascination with quadcopter flying and robotics. We have the summer course to reveal the technical intricacies in a hands-on approach to master flight as well as program and build a robot.


Both Robotics and Unmanned Aerial Systems Technology have evolved into sophisticated, highly advanced and competitive areas with seemingly limitless applications. They are popular for both recreational and professional use.

These are fully project-based classes where students will learn  Coding for robotics and build a quadcopter from scratch. These courses are taught by our Carnegie Mellon Certified Robotics Instructor who is also an FAA certified pilot and licensed drone expert.

FEE: $299

Class Topics Include:

  • Introduction to Robotics 

  • Introduction to Aeronautical Engineering


August 6 - August 17

Monday - Friday

9 AM - 12 PM

2 Weeks Long

For Ages:  13 +

Course Outline & Topics Covered:


Intro to Robotics

This class utilizes the Carnegie Mellon curriculum and utilizes robotics equipment An exciting introduction to robotics for 9 - 12 graders, this class gives kids a chance to build and program a  robot and then solve a series of fun challenges while developing their skills. 


Intro to Aeronautical Engineering

Students will learn the fundamental concepts of Aeronautical Engineering through a fun, hands-on project which encourages problem solving and teamwork.  Participants will use PVNET materials to learn to build a UAS quadcopter from scratch and receive basic flight instruction from a licensed pilot and drone expert. At the end of this hands-on project, students will have greater familiarity with the digital electronics used to control a Quadcopter. The project also educates participants on safety, mechanics, programming, radio control, and the physics of flight.

Instructor: Don Wahlquist


Don is a PVNet Manager of UAS and Robotic systems and has extensive mechanical and software engineering experience. He is also an FAA licensed aviator, UAS expert, as well as the President of the Soaring Union of Los Angeles.


* this class is not included in the Internship, but interns receive a discount

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