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SCROC & PVNet Courses

PVNet courses that are shown on the Southern California Regional Occupational Center (SoCal ROC) catalog will be transcripted by high schools in the following districts:

  • El Segundo USD

  • Inglewood USD

  • Manhattan Beach USD

  • Palos Verdes Peninsula USD

  • Redondo Beach USD

  • Torrance USD

None of SoCal ROC's courses are weighted.

These after school courses can be taken at PVNet in place of courses offered at the schools listed above.

To view SoCal ROC's statement regarding the PVNet partnership, refer to

To view PVNet's courses listed on SoCal ROC's course catalog, see page 3 of this document:

These courses will be displayed:

  • Game Design - Unreal Engine & Blender - Intro (#654) SoCal ROC



Download these forms and fill out the enrollment form with a #2 lead pencil only. You may use the sample pre-filled forms as examples for each class we're offering:

                 High School Enrollment Form

                     Sample Form


The session ID (Sec.) is on SoCal ROC's Course Catalog.

The course # is on PVNet's Course Catalog.

Upon completion, your form should look like the Sample High School Enrollment form.

Give the completed form to your counselor as quickly as possible.


To register and pay for the course, go to CLASSES.PVNET.COM.


For your convenience, we filled in the class information section for each of the classes for downloading:

MANY MORE PVNet Courses 

PVNet offers many courses not affiliated with SoCal ROC.

These elective courses come with WASC accredited certificates which are accepted by colleges and added to the student's transcript. These certificates should be given to colleges along with student high school transcripts. These elective course certificates carry the same value to colleges as transcripted courses.

Note: Please check the PVNet course catalog for details:


Questions? Email them to

Click Here to View Course Catalog...

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Game Design

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