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Robotics Membership

Program Temporarily Closed Due to COVID-19

PVNet will updated this page when new arrangements are made.  Thank you for your understanding!

Robotics for Everyone!


Ages 11-14

This program is designed to be flexible and convenient with no long term commitment, and allows your child to be taught appropriately at their skill level.

Students start at just the right level and move forward in a fun, well thought out, technically challenging and educational pace.

There are 3 levels:    BASIC ROBOTICS  -  ​LEVEL I  -  LEVEL II

This goal-oriented program allows accelerated progression, and students who demonstrate the ability to complete their level may graduate to the next level.

A certificate will be awarded upon completion of Level II

Promotion to Junior Technology Intern

Students who complete Level II and demonstrate a passion for learning technology are eligible to join the elite Junior Internship.

Basic Robotics

Girls - We believe in you!

Ages 11-14

PVNet actively supports positive change by eliminating the financial barrier to girls learning about technology.

Girls may apply for free registration by sending an email to



  • Send email to with the subject "Girls Join Free"

  • Include the following information:

Parent name, email, phone #

Student name, email, name of school


Please allow two days for response.

Seats are limited, so join now!*


Free enrollment is limited to one Intro to Robotics course per person.

*This offer is extended with the understanding and agreement that girls who join free must attend all classes or are subject to pay the standard registration fee.

Sign up now! Classes start soon.

Next Starting Date:

Apr. 1


Ages 11-14, No prior experience required

Cost: $140,   Wednesday & Friday 4pm-5pm        ​

Basic Robotics students graduate to Level I with the successful demonstration of programming ability to detect an object and move it to a predetermined location.

Register here


Ages 11-14, Pre-req: Intro Level

Cost: $80    Wednesday 5pm-6pm          

Level I students will graduate to Level II after successfully completing the Gyro Lap and the Mower Challenge.

Register here


Ages 11-14, Pre-req: Level I

Cost: $80  Friday 5pm-6pm​

Level II students will graduate after successfully completing both the Strawberry Challenge and the Obstacle Orchard Challenge.

Register here

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