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Research Internship Dog Wheelchair Design

Your Design Matters!

Are you interested in bringing your designs to market? Perhaps a career in healthcare design? Our student researchers are doing just that in our new design program! Student research interns in our dog wheelchair design course will bring their designs to life using 3D printed parts and lightweight materials. The best design will be featured on our website, and all designs get showcased by a dog in need!

Use our 3D printers!

We have numerous large and small 3D printers that can print any parts you design! Our internship program includes a limited supply of consumables to get your 3D project started. After that, a small charge will be necessary to cover consumable costs. We also frequently host workshops that teach how to create 3D designs for a 3D printer!

Collaborate with other students!

Our research interns are encouraged to work with each other on ideas. Just like in the "real world" industry, many projects are done by teams.

Meet A Veterinarian!

PVNet will host several veterinarians who are currently working in their respected fields. Ask questions, get advise, and show off your ideas!

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2022 Summer 

A group of eight highly motivated high school interns worked to research, design and fabricate a wheelchair for dogs with paralyzed rear legs. Interns learned to measure, use 3D design software, use shop tools to cut and assemble materials and design 3D printed parts to construct a prototype wheelchair. Interns also met with Dr. Lily Chen, DVM (located in Rolling Hills Estates) who shared helpful veterinary practice information. This first prototype is ready for the next group of interns to continue development. These interns gained new skills and insight through collaboration with professional vets and mentors.

Team Members: Erica K., Rafi L., Leila E., Noah K., Jenyne E., Riko N., Reece R.

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