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Ultra Special Offers For Our New Friends!

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Super Amazing Choices for You!

Great choices! Great gift, too! Splurge! Select as many as you want and SAVE MONEY! We love making new friends, so this offer is good one time for new customers only. You'll receive a BEAUTIFUL GIFT CARD by email when you complete the purchase. Be sure to use your purchase before April 1, 2020.

Choice 1: Fantastic STEM University Class! 

Get a FREE class when you select this option. Put a smile on a young face! The ULTIMATE class for 7 to 12 year old aspiring geniuses. Scheduling details on our website.


Choice 2: Ultimate Tutoring One-on-one!

Total success in learning with a private tutor! Our most requested teaching method and you get a FREE HOUR OF TUTORING when purchasing Choice 2!



Choice 3: Total Experience!

A 4 Week Class! EXPLORE AND LEARN! Fun classes to learn more about subjects you like or try something new!


The ultimate STEM program to learn about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math for 2 ENTIRE MONTHS! Make that 7 to 12 year old mind EXPLODE WITH HAPPINESS with this gift! Scheduling details on our website.

NOTE: If you're having trouble finding your receipt or gift certificate, please check your spam/junk folder.

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