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Upcoming events

Due to COVID-19, in-person events are temporarily on hold.

Events held via Zoom will be listed here.

Past events

Quantum Computers: Coding in the Future World Seminar - February 17, 2020

Instructor David Eddy discussed the basics of quantum computing, explaining what it is and the importance of quantum computing for the future of coding and technology.

HackSoCal - February 15-16, 2020

High school students worked together to gain exposure to coding by solving real-world problems in this fun and free event.

Patents for Inventors Seminar - January 26, 2020

Patent Attorney Simon Ford discussed intellectual property protection and patent laws & practices.

How to Self-Publish Your Book on Amazon Seminar - January 18, 2020

Dr. Carol Francis covered the basics of the writing process, from getting your ideas onto the page and how to publish your book.

Seminar: Video/Audio Editing - January 12, 2020

Editor David Wadsworth talked about the skills needed to succeed as a professional video or audio editor. He also emphasized the importance of learning audio editing while demonstrating audio editing using the industry standard Protools by AVID.


Seminar: Physical Systems and Cyber Security - October 20, 2019

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