RoverX Courses & Workshops

RoverX Planetary Mobile Robotic Explorer Course


Amazing autonomous research robots always precede the arrival of humans on planets as well as in the ocean.

This is THE class where electronics, programming and mechanical skills are learned and come together. A class where students build an autonomous and remote-controlled RoverX robotic vehicle with treads, sensors, an optional robotic claw and more!

There are three phases to Rover assembly: Mechanical assembly, Electronic assembly, and Arduino programming and coding.

In this class students will get an introduction to assembling and wiring the RoverX kit, and instructions/mentoring on the best ways to build their rover. They will receive help to understand how to load code into the Arduino micro controller computer (that's the brain!).

Much more can be added to increase students' knowledge and skills - sensors, remote control, AI, environmental measurement systems, video camera/transmitter/video headset & receiver, infra-red sensors and much more!  


Building a RoverX and programming it with the Arduino is an advanced Robotics program. It is required that any student building a Rover must first complete "Basic Robotics" covering MBOTS, then Level 1 and 2 covering Vex IQ Robotics OR they must complete PVNet's Arduino or Raspberry Pi courses.

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Introduction to Robotics--Accredited High School Course

Before humans travel to distant planets, we send Rovers.

This course teaches important robotics and engineering skills used to program rovers to explore the Moon and Mars. We make programs extremely approachable by teaching them along with hands-on lab exercises. This interdisciplinary course will teach students the programs needed to build and program their own Rovers, including Arduino, Robot C, designing and 3D printing robotic components, CAD software skills, and much more.

This hands-on course is especially important for robotics, rocket design, and electronic systems which control motors, sensors or lighting. Students will program and connect their own micro-controllers and learn how they interact with computers and different parts.

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Accredited courses are offered in partnership with Southern California Regional Occupational Center.

RoverX Workshop

When: Fridays 4pm-6pm

Where: PVNet

Who: Anyone who has completed the RoverX Course.

With this workshop, you can continue working on your Rover at your own pace. Create new codes and programs and experiment with the different environments on which the Roverx can work!

Price: $30/day 

Arduino Monthly Special: $80/month choose any 3 Fridays that month. Register for the Arduino Monthly Special here.

Work with an Arduino Programming Certified Instructor!

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