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About This Free Internship Program

Custom Projects

Our college interns are autonomous, with more freedom than our HS & JR interns. Whether you've found something that genuinely interests you, or are still looking, invest in your future here at PVNet.

Workshops, Projects, Field Trips

Our college internship program offers a multitude of specialized workshops, projects, field trips, and discussions that are available to interns only. With access to the largest collection of technology in the South Bay, there is much to choose from! 



You will need to upload your resume/CV along with a cover letter.
In your cover letter, please be sure to include the following:

  • Proposed start & end date, as well as tentative schedule

  • What would you like to get out of this internship?


Please note that college internships require a minimum commitment of 9 months. The details & schedule will be evaluated and agreed upon case-by-case, based on experience, knowledge, & availability.  While there is no charge for college interns, please be aware that this internship is unpaid. The internship exists for your benefit to help prepare you for employment.

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