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Biomedical Engineering/Biotechnology

for High School Students

 Fall - 2019

Course for PVNet Students & Interns

Instructor: Doug Foster

Technical Support:

Ted Vegvari, President, PVNet Education & Technology Center

Overview of Fall Semester Course:

This fun and exciting certificated course is intended for students interested in biological, technological and medical fields. Bio printing is the use of 3D printing technology to create structures composed of living cells. This course covers the basic concepts and provides students with the necessary knowledge and understanding in order to succeed in any of the related fields of biology and/or technology. 

Students will work together as a team to assemble PVNet's bio 3D printer capable of using gels infused with actual biological cells!

Researchers are currently using this device in the hope to produce viable tissues and organs for therapeutic use and hopefully in the future for transplants.

Topics in this course will include an introduction to:

  • Hydro-gels

  • Cells and organisms

  • 3D pritning software

  • Different bio printing techniques


Students who finish the course receive a Certificate of Completion from PVNet. 

This certificate will receive the WASC Accredited Stamp and is presented by PVNet. It is respected and recognized by educational and academic institutions. Include it with your school transcript& college application packet!

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