Battling Bots Club

Battling Bots Club

Ages 8+ (adults and professionals welcome)
Students under 12 years-old must be accompanied by a parent/guardian


The concept of this program is to educate students 8 years and older on mechanics and electronics with fun and an internal competition.


Course Description:

Robot battling is poised to become a true sport of the future. You can join in this fantastic sport at PVNet and start with the Antweight Battle robots. We start with basic parts and a very basic battle bot to get up and running very quickly. After your first meeting new designs will come to light as well as ways to use electronics to control the robot and weapon. This offers an opportunity to apply CADCAM experience as well as electronics, and engineering experiences. By joining the Battling Bots club students of all ages as well as professionals can be challenged to produce exciting Battling Bots. All who join will have fun and have an outlet to express their creativity as well as learn from each other.


Cost: $200 per month

Discounts provided for registering for multiple months at a time.


Instructor Don Wahlquist:

Don is a PVNet Manager of UAS and Robotics and has extensive mechanical and software engineering experience. He is also an FAA licensed aviator, UAS expert, as well as the President of the Soaring Union of Los Angeles.



Battling Bots Club is currently taking a break to prepare for a competition.

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