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Developing Educational AR Software to Teach Students with Autism

Ongoing Student Research Project

Using and creating Augmented Reality technology, students immerse themselves in work on software coding and development with Magic Leap and Unity game engine while learning from professional educators working with autistic children.  


Our plan is to demonstrate the completed project at ImmersED 2019: Virtual & Augmented Reality K-12 Education Summit in October, 2019. 

"Research shows that presenting information visually helps students with autism process and retain information more reliably." - Smithsonian

"Augmented Reality, or AR, is a promising new technology that autism specialists could use to help students." - Florida State University

"AR and VR have delivered on the promise to supercharge the enterprise's education and training industry." - Venture Beats

About the Project:


Augmented Reality technology allows students to interact with their environment in a way that promotes learning and information retention. The research team's goal is to create AR software that helps autistic children learn the alphabet.


The software places objects, in this case animals, anywhere in the room, with each corresponding to a letter of the alphabet. Students can then interact with these objects and watch them interact with each other.


This innovative project will help students to learn the alphabet in a new way--by presenting interactive visual information that encourages letter and object association.


  • Diane Pawar, President, Immersed, PhD, MA, BA

  • Ted Vegvari, President, PVNet Education & Technology Center



Our Research team consists of a mix of high school and college students, including:

  • 5 programmers

  • 2 artists

A very special thanks to Honda R&D Americas, Inc.!

This amazing research and development project to help autistic students is made possible by the generosity of Honda R&D Americas, Inc.

PVNet and everyone involved is grateful for their support.

Registration for this project is currently closed

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