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Accredited Courses

Accredited High School Courses

2019-2020 Semester

Computer Science

Principles of Computer Science - CSCI100

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Introductory course for computer programming. Course content will emphasize basic concepts of computer programming language. 

Advanced Placement Level Computer Science - CSCI201

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Accelerated course for students who demonstrate strong interest in computer programming, and have some prior coding experience in any of the following languages: Java, Python, C++. 


Introduction to Robotics - ENGR100

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This course teaches important robotics and engineering skills--the very skills used to program rovers to explore the Moon and Mars.We make programs extremely approachable by teaching them along with hands-on lab exercises. This interdisciplinary course will teach students the programs needed to build and program their own Rovers, including Arduino, VEX, Robot C, designing and 3D printing robotic components, CAD software skills, and much more. 

Registration is open! Check out our list of accredited courses below. 

About Accredited Courses:

Students who complete courses at PVNet will be provided with a WASC Accredited Certificate for inclusion with their transcripts. These courses carry the same weight as those taken at students' schools. Regardless of which school in the U.S. students attend, WASC is the accrediting body and there is no differentiation between a school accredited course and the WASC accredited course offered at PVNet. It is up to the student's school whether the course will be transcripted.

If you're looking for more information or have questions, use the form at the bottom of the page to let us know which course you're interested in taking.

Some of the accredited courses are offered in partnership with Southern California Regional Occupational Center, who has in place relationships with many South Bay schools. In those cases, courses will be added to the student's transcripts by SCROC and the student's school.

See all Accredited Course Registration pages here!

Interactive Media

Game Development- CTIN103

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This course introduces students to programming concepts for game design using Unity 3D and Unreal Engine. The class will utilize coding and visual scripting features in order to build an understanding of the fundamentals of programming, all while designing and creating a platforming game.

Media Arts

Video Editing - DESMA103

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This course will teach students video editing skills using Adobe Premiere Video Editing software--the industry standard video editing program that students will need to know in order to be accepted into top media arts schools like UCLA, USC and CalArts.

Learn basic and advanced video/audio editing skills and get ahead of the curve for your media arts future.

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